Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Bell Light Aircraft

Aircraft Maintenance

The Maintenance division of our operation provides a complete service offering. Helitrades Transport Canada Approved facilities provides hands on support on models 206, 206L, 407 and 429 as specified in the Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.) maintenance manuals, using the most recent methods, techniques, practices, parts, materials, tools, equipment and test apparatuses that are specified by the O.E.M or in accordance with recognized industry practices at the time the maintenance or elementary work is performed. Work is carried out in accordance with the Bell Helicopter scheduled inspections or per customers approved scheduled inspections.


Helitrades Transport Canada approved component shops employ skilled, licensed, O.E.M. trained Hydraulic and Dynamic Component Overhaul Technicians who carry out inspections, repairs & overhauls on components on models 206, 206L, and 407.

Structural Repair

Helitrades is a world leader in helicopter airframe structural repair. The company is Bell approved on models 206, 206L and 407 for specialized work requiring jigs or fixtures on aircraft to include modifying, repairing or replacing through riveting, various airframe structures and surfaces and any other structures identified as a primary structures by the O.E.M.