For over thirty five years, both Civilian, Government and Military Helicopter Operators worldwide have depended on the service, dedication and efficiency of HELITRADES Inc.

Helitrades Vankleek Hill, Ontario facility is a Bell Helicopter Textron approved Customer Service Facility for Structural Repair, Maintenance and Dynamic Component repair/overhaul.

Helitrades is also a Woodward HRT ( previously HR Textron ) approved Licensed Repair Service Facility in North America for the repair/overhaul and spare parts sales for hydraulic cylinders, actuators and valves installed in the models of Bell Helicopters. Helitrades is also a Bell Helicopter Textron approved Customer Service Facility.

Our experienced and highly qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers receive recurrent training in order to provide the highest quality in workmanship. We are committed to earning the confidence and trust of our valuable customers.

With three locations across Canada, we offer twenty-four hour a day, seven days per week, A.O.G. service for component overhaul and parts sales.


Amongst many value-added services, we provide the following:

· Field Maintenance for Bell 206, 206L, 205, 212, 412 and Robinson R22 and R44
· Dynamic and hydraulic component overhaul and part sales for the Bell 204, 205, 206, 206L, 212, 407 and 412
· Structural Repairs Fixtures for Bell 206, 206L, 407, 205, 212, 412
· Approved Woodward HRT Licensed Repair Service Facility
· Approved Bell Helicopter Customer Service Facility
· Transport Canada Approval # 3/86. EASA Approval Number 145.7106

We only utilize Bell approved parts to ensure warranty and longevity of your aircraft. HELITRADES Inc. has an unprecedented track record for the lowest incidence of unscheduled removals from service between overhauls.